Friday, October 1, 2010

The suicides must stop

I believe there are two main causes of this problem - religion and ignorance. They are related. By instilling fear and hatred of "others", religion encourages ignorance. When "others" are seen as "evil" or somehow less than human, which prejudice does, they hide. Many people refuse to deal with what and whom they don't know. Some strike out in defense. The "others" don't dare expose themselves for fear of the actions of the ignorant. As a consequence, nobody benefits and lots of folks are excluded and hurt.

Personally I blame religion for most of the prejudice. Every clergy type person who preaches that homosexuality is sin and urges the flock to change or exclude or hate is guilty of promoting murder - spiritual if not physical. I pray Godde will find a way to teach them that Godde loves all Godde's children. I especially pray that those who are hiding their own perceived sin be freed from their own preaching and condemnation and come into the light of Christ as taught in the Gospels. We were given the Holy Spirit to do just that if only we would listen to her.


Kirin said...

Thank you for writing and sharing this, Shel. You are so right. The appalling violence (physical, emotional, psychological...) again LGBT people is beyond comprehension and, I must say, forgiveness. I just don't feel forgiving about the events and acts which led to the suicides of those young men and so many others who were bullied because of their sexual orientation. It is difficult for me to excuse the bullies and hate-filled people who condoned those hateful actions, no matter what the reason. And I feel so sad for the boys who died, and their families. Somehow there has to be a way to turn this around, but how? The country becomes more and more polarized as the shrill voices of the intolerant and bigoted take over the country's attention. Please, God, turn the hearts of the wicked, and open all of us to compassion.

Lindy said...