Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pymatuning State Park in winter

There are plenty of cars parked in the lot near the boat stalls but the owners aren't sailing. Brrr. There are many similar tents. I wonder what entrepreneur rents ice fishing tents. This is the first I've seen them.
The docks look desolate.

More fishermen.
There are two tiny dots in the upper center of the photo. Those folks are headed into our bay to fish. I didn't walk over to take a photo there.
Don't know why there weren't any tubers or sledders. The temperature was 12° when I took the photo. Yes, the face of the dam provides a wild ride. There is more below the photo.
I was surprised how this photo turned out. I love it. It is to the right of the previous photo.
All are embigginable.

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