Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Other impatience

The world is a scarier place than usual at the moment.  Tunisia, Egypt, perhaps Bahrain protesting and hoping for representative governments.  Libya, Iran and other places mercilessly murdering their own citizens.  Border wars and religious wars in Africa.  And elected men in the US who are determined to destroy women's health and the middle class to protect their oligarchy. 

People who tend to side with the underdogs have lots of people to champion. 

Those of us who try to follow what the Bible says Jesus taught have great difficulty loving dictators whether foreign strongmen or Republicans whose goal is to destroy all possible organized opposition to their getting as much money as humanly possible with no regard for others.

I'm getting impatient for revolution in the US.  The Tea Party people blindly elected government officials who have no interest in anyone's welfare other than their own.  They fiercely believe in survival of the fittest and are trying to legislate that.  But who is the "fittest"?  The oligarch or the father with a gun who can't feed or provide health care for his kids?  The Republicans want to arm everyone.  That could be their downfall. 

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