Thursday, November 24, 2011

An adult Thanksgiving 2011

My nephew

His wife did most of the cooking

My bro and sil

The gorgeous canine in the family

My bro needed a little extra help

My sil and nephew began Christmas decorating

My bro and me

My sil and me

It was a long wonderful day


kirinjessie said...

The last photo says it all. It looks like you had a good time! Yay! I joined my aunt in going to the home of a friend of hers for dinner. And what a dinner-- fantastic food, and very smart and interesting people. The host(ess) (I hate feminizing endings) was a retired high school English teacher, as was another woman in the group of five. The man was a retired social worker (as is my aunt). Then me. I ate way too much, as I tend to do in social situations (or when alone...or at work... must change these habits NOW!), but it was much better than my usual fare. Nice to be included.
I can't imagine decorating for Christmas yet! When I was growing up (and for years after), we got the tree rather late, when the best trees had been purchased, and usually put it up on Dec. 20 or 21. We put away the ornaments and decorations on Jan 6, and discarded the tree. The early Christmas in commercial land disconcerts and annoys me.
I'm glad you had a good time!

forsythia said...

There he is in his bow tie, just like you said.