Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A visit from a notcat

Tim above and PuddyTat below seemed unperturbed by the presence of the other critter munching catfood for breakfast.

The possum seemed unperturbed by the felines.

When I went out s/he retreated to the cardboard catbox and watched me.

When I went back in s/he checked out the other catboxes and the window. I could get nose to nose without alarming the obviously young visitor.

S/he pushed up the blanket to reveal the heating pad. I was afraid s/he would settle in between and was relieved awhile later to find my newest notcat was gone.

I don't like seeing these critters in the daylight as I worry about rabies. This young one seemed quite healthy, just hungry. I don't mind the possums because they just eat and leave. The raccoons play and do lots of damage. I won't put up with them for long before setting the trap. I never saw any critters last winter. I wouldn't be surprised to see the groundhog if we have a week of warmth.


forsythia said...

No "playing possum" for this little guy.

Catherine said...

Opossums do not carry rabies; they are naturally immune and are under study to discover why they are immune, nor can they pass it to other animals as a result; a possible serum is being sought as a result of studying them so your kindness to this creature is wonderful, and that you don't have to worry about contracting that disease from it. To be bitten by them is still harmful due to other bacteria they carry in their mouths...not unlike us in that way.

PseudoPiskie said...

That's good to know. I've seen lots of tiny ones. There is a photo on my cat family web page. They stink but they are ok in my book. The big ones can be pretty fearsome tho - especially when I'm trying to get one out of the trap.

Scoop said...

Yep, 'possums aren't rabid, just absolutely wild and unpredictable. I hope that 'possum has decided to take off. When I was a kid in Oklahoma, i thought they all "slept" in the middle of the road, since I never saw any "awake."