Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday cat blogging on Thursday

All four of the clan waited for me this morning. Tim was "outside" as there was no room in the inn. Well, there is an additional box to the right of what you can see but I don't think anybody uses it. They want to see what is going on inside the house. Jellico on top, PuddyTat below and LittleOne on the right. All were damp. I don't like petting wet cats and they don't like it either but they still mob me for attention.

After eating, LittleOne went about his business while the other three settled in for a nap. I've tried to get a photo of the difference in size between Tim and PuddyTat. This is as close as I've come. Tim is FAT.
Kitten season is upon us. I haven't seen any strays lately and hope there aren't any in the neighborhood. LittleOne came home with a wound on his head a week ago so there must be at least one female worth battling for.

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