Sunday, June 10, 2012

Different neighborhoods - updated

This is our lake - Pymatuning Reservoir. Quiet. Fishermen in their boats of various sizes with 18 hp motors. Newfies gathering in one of the shelters.

This is the other lake - Conneaut Lake. Full of people in highpowered watercraft of all sizes and types, some not too learned.

And this was Conneaut Lake today after church. I saw a huge black cloud and immediately thought about the dangers of boats, motors and sparks. I doubt you can see it in the photo but you would see blinking lights, an ambulance and people lined up on the road to watch. I don't know the full story yet. I hope nobody was killed. There have been several such accidents very recently - last Monday at the Erie Yacht Club and two weeks ago on Chautauqua. If you own a boat with any enclosed space, you need to learn the dangers of starting the motor and especially of refueling before you ever put it in the water!
The photos are embiggenable.

UPDATE: Apparently nobody was hurt in the boat fire. Whew!

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