Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Fireworks

The moon watched as people assembled to watch the annual fireworks at Pymatuning Reservoir, Jamestown end, 30 June 2012. There were people everywhere.

Many sat on the dam to watch.

Vehicles were parked as far as the eye could see on every square inch possible.

The setting sun was beautiful.

The sunset continued.

And continued for an hour.

To a fiery end with the lights of the boats assembled to watch.

The photos are embigginable.


Kirin said...

These are gorgeous photos, Shel! The sunset is too beautiful to describe. Fun to see fireworks. I haven't decided whether to find a place to watch them (and I don't know when, either, as Chicago has its big display on July 3 every year--go figure). Thank you for sharing them.
I hope you will have a delightful time singing in the Berkshires! I think it would be fun to go... but I'm pining even more to attend the Tallis Scholars Summer School in Seattle. Someday I hope I won't be in such dire straits and will be able to do something like that.

Poor PuddyTat. I hope she will heal well and get used to her new reduced field of vision. Do cats have binocular vision? Oh, of course they do... so I hope she will become accustomed to having monocular vision too. Thank God you are so kind and generous with your pride of cats.

PseudoPiskie said...

PT's eye was blind when I got home from Edinburgh and she was functioning well, jumping up onto the cathouse roof to eat. She's having problems with the cone but otherwise she seems to navigate without problems.

I too would like to do the Tallis thing. Someday.

sharecropper said...

Great photos!