Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looks and feels like fall

This was the Hartstown Swamp after church this morning as seen from 322 by my iPhone. The sun was on the trees in the background. North of that you can see the rain.

My front yard a few minutes later as seen by my camera. There were dark storm clouds everywhere punctuated by blue sky and white puffy clouds. This patch disappeared quickly to be replaced by the dark clouds behind these trees.

Later there was a storm in the distance on the way to Meadville but clear to the south.

And almost sunset over Pymatuning with still more rain to the north.
Fall is my favorite season. I'm happy to be back in turtlenecks, to turn the air off, to not have to coat my skin with bug repellent. I love the changing colors and the brightness that the trees bring to drab days. I'm not fond of ordering fuel oil but no season is perfect. Always something to look forward to.


forsythia said...

I love fall, too, and I don't mind winter. I like warm, fuzzy clothing, my cuddly fleece bathrobe and an excuse to wear boot-type slippers all day.

susan s. said...

Lovely photos, Shelley. We don't have those storm clouds out here very often. I miss them.