Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday cat blogging on Saturday

LittleOne got his own box last night. He was sleeping on an old pillow in the corner but it was too cold for that last night. He doesn't have heat but his entrance is smaller keeping his heat in. He's also much younger than PuddyTat who does have heat when the temp falls below 35 or so. Tim sleeps in the foam in the canoe in the barn while Jellico has a small heating pad under the blanket in the kitchen window. He has been curling up next to the window for a couple of weeks. PuddyTat climbed in and thoroly investigated LO's box this morning but quickly decided to go back to hers. Yesterday morning, PT's box was almost on the ground, suspended by the heating pad cord. The next time I get a right sized box, I'll give her a new one. That one has been battered by the raccoons for a couple of years. And, yes, the trap has been set but nobody was in it this morning. Will have to use more attractive bait.

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