Sunday, November 24, 2013

Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Grove City, PA

Driving to church was a bit of a challenge this morning. The tires on the Prius are not new. Fortunately the snow was not deep but the roads had not been treated either. At all. And were icy. Slow going but little traffic. I pulled over to let a Cadillac rush by hoping he wouldn't slide off the road in front of me. He didn't and roared on his way.

The people at Epiphany are very welcoming. I like the way they do their bulletin tho the music for the Psalm and the Sanctus were not given or referenced. Probably not a problem for most Episcopalians but other visitors who like to sing may be a little frustrated.

The sun was in and out on the way home. There were bare lanes between the slush and snow so the trip took the usual 50 minutes, not the 1:25 it took to get there. There were obvious snow showers to the west but none over me. There is little new snow here despite the stuff falling when I left.
Visiting churches and friends I rarely, if ever, get to see is fun. (I can't wholeheartedly recommend taking a vacation from one specific church in order to see what others do however.) I'm learning there are other parishes where I am welcome if circumstances place me there. That is comforting.

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