Friday, November 1, 2013

NaBloPoMo? Who knew?

Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month. No, I'm not interested in any competition. It might be rewarding, however, in some odd way to resume posting somewhat regularly. Here goes.

November 1 is All Saints and, this year, NWPA Diocesan Convention Day. Our table is at the very back of the room, sort of alone. Not wise to isolate us. Or apparently the folks who shared our table. We were not terribly well behaved, especially since the sound didn't carry to us very well and we had little light this morning. Our tablemates are from Osceola Mills, PA. Unfortunately it is waaaay too far to travel there for a church visit. One of them and I got uncontrollable giggles this afternoon when some of the others fell asleep.

We voted and voted and voted and voted. I think we have to vote again tomorrow too. I don't want to vote for any of the people who are in the remaining contests. It's always the same old - old - people. If that name is on the ballot, who will run against them? It is just another contest among those old names. Sigh.

R and I sat with the guy who runs the voting and his wife at dinner. Lots to talk about including how people ruin ballots. One of the best things about convention is meeting other Piskies. And the dinner was excellent. We didn't stay for the speed dating.

A half day tomorrow - unless we are still voting - then we're done for another year. It is very doubtful I will attend another convention. More about that tomorrow.


forsythia said...

Our Diocesan conventions used to be somewhat fun. This hyper-conservative lady from Bladensburg would commandeer the mike and rant and rave. Before my 3 years were up, they found a way to contain her noise. Too bad. It livened things up..

PseudoPiskie said...

I like seeing people I never see otherwise and collecting hugs. Generally ours are pretty boring.