Sunday, November 3, 2013

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Jamestown, NY

On my first "free" Sunday I drove to Jamestown, NY where Donna was waiting for me in the 2nd row at St. Luke's Episcopal Church. Jay had warned me that getting into the building might be a bit of a challenge as their steeple was hit by lightning and part of the walkways are fenced off. There was a helpful sign so it was no problem. 

The All Saints service was very traditional with smoke and bells (rung correctly). The acolytes were well trained and people seemed to know what needed done when. In fact, everything was so well choreographed, so formal it felt like I had gone back in time. But the priest and the deacon are women. grin. The sermon was wonderful. Some of my Christ Church friends would have recognized her words. 

The deacon led the kids out during the sermon to return after it. St. Luke's does the peace like Christ Church folks tho there were many more there and it took "forever". The people were very friendly. We went to coffee hour afterward. Someone actually pours the tea or coffee into a ceramic cup and hands it to you with a saucer at a window. More formality.

I enjoyed everything and recommend St. Luke's to anyone in the neighborhood.

The plate to the left of the tabs says "Aeolian-Skinner".

They have a chapel that is almost as large as some of the churches in our diocese.

You can see where the lightning struck the right side of the steeple freezing the clocks.

And now for a few clandestine photos. It helps to have a camera which takes decent, if sometimes a bit blurry photos without flash.


Barbi Click said...

Talk about some nice photos! Beautiful parish!

PseudoPiskie said...

Beautiful people too as far as I could tell.