Sunday, December 8, 2013

Grace Church, Ridgway, PA

Grace Church is everything I've been told. It is beautiful in a different way from any other parish I've visited. Last week I visited St Mary's. This week there is a statue of St Mary. Like the others I've visited, Grace is a friendly parish. They were celebrating a birthday so I got lunch. It feels good to be told I'm welcome every time I want to make the 2:15 drive. 

Afterward I drove to the Cathedral of St Paul in Erie, PA for Lessons and Carols.  A 300 mile, almost 12 hour day and well worth it!


forsythia said...

300 miles! Did they sing Adam Lay Ybounden? Our choir sand that yesterday, but I wasn't there. We attended our grandson's Lutheran church, where he had a speaking part ("Luke") in a children's choir's version of THE MESSIAH. He also sang (off and on). He's been diagnosed with Asberger's, so it's a miracle that he would do any of this.

PseudoPiskie said...

They didn't have a choir. But the Cathedral choir sang it in Lessons and Carols later.

Rev.Mary said...

Thanks for visiting Shelley; you had great timing to come on Doris' 90th birthday and celebration! It was great to see you. You took lovely pictures.