Sunday, February 9, 2014

Christ Church, Oil City, PA, 9 February 2014

Perhaps this was not the best day to drive approximately 50 miles to Oil City via 358 and 60 for church but it turned out to be the best day.  As I tried to keep within the already driven-in path I thought about how I seem to choose far away parishes on snowy Sundays. Well, if I was going to be late, I could take I-79 when I got to it and go somewhere else. Google said I wouldn't be late so I kept going. I encountered two VERY slow scared people a few miles out of Franklin and thought I could spend an hour at McD's or something and attend St John's if I would be late. But Google said I was ok so I continued. As I walked up the steps the bell rang. Thank you, guardian angel! 

Christ Church Oil City is beautiful. And the overall friendliest parish I've attended so far. Of course I knew several people. But others actually were conversational after the service. They don't mix it up much at the Peace but several made sure I would go to Coffee Hour. A big difference from last Sunday! I wish the organist, who seems quite competent, would not add an extra beat at the end of middle phrases and an extra measure at the end of each verse. I didn't hear anyone else singing much but there weren't many there. They are very active in community despite their small numbers. I think I would be comfortable there. I certainly felt that way today.

The church is not as dark as it looks in some of the photos. I have to use flash to get the windows to show. Obviously the flash on my tiny Panasonic point and shoot will not illuminate large spaces.
By the way, the candles are real tho I learned they use gas candles in summer to keep them from blowing out in the wind tho I didn't ask the source of the wind. Yea.

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forsythia said...

When I was a kid, I had an orthodontist in Oil City. I was the bane of his existence, poor man.