Saturday, March 22, 2014


On Facebook we call it Caturday. This is where Tim spent the day. She came for breakfast then never appeared again. I checked up on her a couple of times but she didn't even acknowledge I was there. The heat wasn't on but it is for the night.

Jellico hang around most of the day. He ate several cans of catfood. I caught him as he was bathing.

I haven't seen Slate all day. 

Last night a raccoon got caught in the trap but by morning s/he had figured out how to get out. I emailed Havahart and asked if there is a way I can stop that. The trap is pretty flimsy. I didn't really expect it to hold a raccoon. I didn't look closely to see if anything is bent. I'll check it out later. I don't try to trap on Saturday night. Or when it is really cold or really wet. Unless the raccoons have me really furious.

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