Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winter is trying. Very trying. But spring is trying too.

The leaves of the white oak on the left blew off during the winter but this other oak has refused to surrender them. I've never been able to identify it positively.

The silver maple is way ahead of the others.

The croci and the daffodils are thriving.

There is a tulip leaf to the right of and behind the center daffys. I haven't seen a tulip here in many years. I originally planted this daffodil and daylily fence plus the croci plus a whole bunch of tulips to keep kids from riding around my bird feeders which hung on a clothesline. By the third year the tulips had fed the moles. I wonder if it will get to actually bloom.

The daffys next to the house are budding.

I found this tiny flower among the daylilies which are struggling and are about an inch tall with brown points on their bent over leaves.

Meanwhile when I get the energy, I need to clean up after wind trimmed a very messy silver maple.
As usual all are biggenable.

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