Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday, 12 October 2014, photos of our world

Today was a gorgeous sparkling colorful October day in northwestern Pennsylvania. Frost made the grass look like it was covered with snow until the sun hit it. Fog obscured everything where warmish water existed. In New York large strange metal creatures inched along the vineyards. Unfortunately none were close enough to the road to be visible in a photo. Traffic on 20 was slowed by trucks of all sorts hauling the ripened fruit. 

This was my windshield this morning - from the inside.

The grass across the road was white and looked like snow had fallen.

This leaf is suspended in spider silk.

The moon was bright.

Pymatuning was missing.

The golf course was also white. There is a flock of geese to be seen if you embiggen the photo.

The Hartstown swamp was also missing.

Into the abyss on 79.

Then lovely clouds on the way home.

Looking toward the dam on a walk after church.

And here it is again. This time there are purplish wispy plumes on top of the stalks. Those do not look like sorghum seedpods. It looks more like the plants that proliferate along the interstates and other roads.

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