Monday, November 10, 2014

A Sunday on the road - 9 November 2014

St Paul's Episcopal Church in Medina, OH was my first destination. I had visited there before. The priest is an internet friend and an excellent preacher tho he didn't preach yesterday. It was the second pledge Sunday I've encountered this fall. The man who presented the plea was pretty funny if a little long-winded. 

Another woman was entering from the parking lot when I was. She said she hoped she could find someone to tell her when to sit, stand and kneel during the service. She has been quite confused. I told her I was a visitor but she was welcome to sit with me. Inside we met the priest who told her I was a good one to help her. St Paul's does not put sitting and standing cues in the bulletin because they don't believe it is important and they don't want to pressure anyone who might have a disability - or so I was told. She peppered me with questions before the service. I answered as best I could. She has an EUB/RCC/Methodist background so Episcopal tolerance amazes and excites her. She said she will join the church. Yea. One by one. But someone must be willing to be friendly and helpful!

After church I had lunch at Panera before getting on the road to a funeral in Bowling Green. Margaret Carl Trantham lived with us for a bit in the dorm as a grad student at Westminster Choir College. I worked in the theory lab and knew the professors well. One of those was a very cute youngish Gene Trantham. Separately they indicated interest in the other. Being an incurable romantic, I had fun finding ways to get them together. It worked. They have two sons. Unfortunately cancer shortened Margaret's life far too soon. 

Gene was surprised to see me. I was surprised he remembered my name. The rooms set aside were far too small for the crowd. There were well more than a hundred people of all ages there. Margaret's multi-year battle and generous interactions with other sufferers inspired even a woman from South Carolina to attend. I couldn't hear most of what was spoken. By the end there was much restlessness at the back where I was partly because we couldn't hear. I knew the first two of nine hymns. The rest were completely new to me. The singing was great where I was tho others seemed to be as lost as I was in one of the hymns. I suspect there were BGSU choir kids there as the person playing the funeral home toaster was one of their conductors.

On the way out I spoke to the aforementioned conductor. We'd never met but I'd heard of him for years. He didn't know most of the hymns either. I didn't know he is from Meadville. He was happy to meet me because he had seen Meadville on my car earlier. We didn't have enough time to gossip. I'll have to return to visit with him and with Gene.

Altho I was invited to the dinner, I thought the better part of valor was getting as far toward home as possible during daylight. It was a 400 mile, 13 hour day for me. Next time I hope to attend a concert and stay all night somewhere.

It's embigginable. If you can't read it, let me know. The hymns were also included so I can send the references if you want them.


Linda McMillan said...

I enjoy hearing about your road trips.

PseudoPiskie said...

Thanks, Lindy. My adventures aren't as exciting as yours however.