Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday shuffle

1. Put Your Hand in the Hand - The Ocean
2. Bainton: And I Saw a New Heaven - Westminster Choir
3. We Walk in a Fog - Rajaton
4. Two Bucks Polka
5. Game of Love - Wayne Fontana and Mindbenders
6. Torelli: Concerto for Violin and Guitar - Karl Scheit
7. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - Reba McEntire
8. Persichetti: Celebrations, You Who Celebrate - Bach Choir of Pittsburgh
9. My True Story - Jive Five
10. Mendelssohn: Symphony 4 - London Symphony
A more mixed selection than the last couple of weeks. The Bainton is one of my alltime most favorites. I either cry or come close at "And God will wipe away all tears...". Sometimes that is hard to trust that but it is true if we allow it.

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