Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday bird blogging

Woke up to about 14 inches of snow. And it is still snowing. Hard at the moment. Heavy wet snow. Now deeper than my knee high muck boots. I really needed to shovel out the feeders and a path to the barn. Did minimal clearing under the feeders and will have to do it again often today. The birds are happier. The pine siskins sat on the clothesline while I shoveled then filled the feeders. Looks like I will get plenty of exercise today without going to Curves. And the Saint Joan film/concert tonight is probably not going to include me. My neighbor may or may not get me plowed out in time. I have water, clean underwear and a sleeping bag in the car just in case I can get out and try to get there. How wonderful it is to have the barn for the car and the cats!

I can barely see the pole now. Yikes.

And then it clears up - temporarily...

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