Friday, November 21, 2008

Still home - but plowed

I should be well on my way to Pittsburgh for the final showing of The Passion of Joan of Arc. But here I sit with the car trapped in the barn by now more than 16 inches of snow and more falling. Someone plowed the straight driveway during the night but I can't get to it without shoveling a 100 foot path. Not possible. It must have been Tom's son because Tom knows where my car is and wouldn't have done that.

Update: Got plowed around 5:30. Had to shovel the front of the garage where the plow didn't go. Also had to shovel two escape routes for the cats. The cat flaps seem to be frozen so I had two paranoid girls for awhile. They don't know me in the garage/barn for some reason. Tim will talk to me but not let me see her once she leaves her foam canyon.

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