Wednesday, December 24, 2008


There is no graphic appropriate for this post. I doubt anyone other than the parents had any real idea what was happening the night the person we call Jesus was born. If there were animals present, they were probably curious but little else. Perhaps there were little critters who cleaned up the mess of birthing. I suspect Mary and Joseph were all alone. After all, who wanted to assist with the birth of a kid whose parents couldn't even find a decent place to stay? Rumor had it they weren't even married. Shudder.

Who knew that baby would have a profound effect on the western world? Who knew that child would grow up to be a charismatic preacher who questioned everything they did and would be murdered as a result? Who knew that 2000 years after that child's birth people would still be arguing about what he had to say?

Tonight and tomorrow we celebrate the birth of another baby. The angels and shepherds will be followed by wise men, most of an age closer to that of the baby than those witnessing the event. Great singing and preaching will entertain the throngs who rarely step foot in a religious building otherwise.

I will probably be wondering what it is about the love of God and the task of loving likewise spoken of in the Gospels that so many people throughout the ages and today simply don't get...

A blessed Christmas to all and may this child teach those who say they follow him all about loving and bringing God's kingdom to earth in this life now.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Amen, alleluia, and Amen!

Suzer said...

Merry Christmas, Pseudo!

Padre Mickey said...

¡Feliz Navidad, Pseudopiskie!