Thursday, December 25, 2008

The world's cutest grandniece and grandnephew

Christmas 2008
She was happy here for quite awhile on Christmas morning. She is almost 5 months old.

Here she is dressed for dinner.

And not quite ready for bed. She is a happy kiddo.

At 2 he has finally figured out presents and unwrapping. Nobody's stuff was safe.

And he dressed for dinner.

But this was the usual view all day.


Scott Hankins said...

Ah yes. I see now. How srcumptuous can you get? Bonne fete!

Janis Bland said...

Very, very cute!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Woo Hoo! What fun!

Yesterday, I was over at my friends B. & J. most of the day, where the high entertainment was commandeering grandchild A.'s new Wii. She was torn between "wanting to play with it with the grownups" vs. "You grownups are playing it too much with each other." I suddenly heard the voices of my parents and grandparents coming out of my mouth saying, "Now, A., we are all going to have to go to work on Monday and YOU are still going to be off school and can play with it to your heart's content all you CHILL!" ha ha....

Padre Mickey said...

Very cute!

Midnight Oil said...

Very cute!