Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling guilty

The last time we had this much snow I didn't have a garage or anyone to plow me out and it didn't last this long. I parked my car up at the road and walked to the house with a little plastic sled to carry groceries and other items and to ride occasionally. Now I have a wonderful neighbor who takes good care of me. He plows but I still have to shovel the car out as well as paths to the door and the cathouse for the felines. I usually also keep the spaces under the feeders clear for the ground feeding birds. Not this time. I'm not strong enough to shovel this much wet snow. So I'm feeling guilty. But the birds do have food and water just like the cats.


sharecropper said...

Yowee. That looks cold. Do you have heat/ electricity? Hope so.

forsythia said...

Now THAT is what winter is supposed to look like. Down here in "Merlin," we had one inch plus ice, and the kids got a day off from school. OK, so the ice makes driving and walking perilous, esp. on the side streets, but the way people carry on around here at the sight of 3 snowflakes makes us folks who were born near the Great Lakes snicker.