Friday, January 23, 2009

More Friday cat blogging

Gave PuddyTat a new box and a cleaner area today. The box is somewhat larger than I would like but it is all I could find other than ones that are too small. I fastened a towel around the top so it will sag a bit making the top slightly lower. Of course PT will not allow Tim or Dude to occupy her space but she will cuddle with Tommie. Tim has her foam in the garage so I don't worry much about her. The only thing these two share is orange and PT is more tannish than Tim. They probably have the same father - Tancat. Otherwise they are radically different people. Tim is much larger and has a much heavier coat. PuddyTat is gentle unless she's mad. Tim is feisty. I hold out my hand and Tim moves her head to where she wants scritched. She will bat me if I withdraw too soon. She used to do it with her claws extended but she seems calmer now. She doesn't want petted elsewhere while PT likes me to scritch the length of her body. Tim is a year younger than PT who will be 11 this spring.

Tom must have found a lady as he hasn't been around today. Neither has Jellico. One or both will probably be back with a bloody spot eventually.

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FranIAm said...

I love these kitties!