Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday shuffle

1. Mozart: Requiem, Introit - Berlin Radio Symphony
2. Elgar: O Wild West Wind - Finzi Singers
3. Missa Pro Defunctis, Kyrie - Cisturcian Monks
4. Heroes and Villains - Beach Boys
5. Love Will Find Its Way To You - Reba McEntire
6. One of a Kind - Spinners
7. Jam Up Jelly Tight - Tommy Roe
8. Praise to the Lord - Concordia Choir
9. 16 Candles - Crests
10. Spill the Wine - Eric Burden & War


Fred Schwartz said...

I can't speak to 1-3 but the rest of the top 10 are outstanding!

Fred Schwartz said...

May I suggest 3 more blogs for your roll:
Cany Black Sheep
Off Topic and
Real Anglicans
(just a modest suggestion)

PseudoPiskie said...

Fred: I read all three every day. Just added the two I didn't have on my blogroll. Thanks.