Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh, Joy! Oh, Gladness!

There used to be a cottage where my barn now stands. Every year I've lived here (almost 41) several croci have bloomed. They were planted by the lady who built that cottage. These are the regular croci, not the tiny ones that have been blooming for weeks. I've been watching and hoping the earth moving didn't totally destroy them. Today suddenly there are three which were not there yesterday. I'm soooooooo happy!

And the daffys are starting to bend their stems. And a possible priest candidate is being interviewed tonight.

Life is good at the moment in spite of a nose which wants to compete with Niagara Falls.


Padre Mickey said...

Dem's pretty!
And, as the word verification states: bravirci!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, how pretty. I have some that look like this but they aren't nearly ready to pop yet.