Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I live in my car

so while others set aside corners or closets for special things, I put them in my car. Barely visible at the bottom on the dash is my angel that says Dorothy on the front. Dort gave it to me years ago so she could go along on my travels. I believe this is the third car it has occupied.

The tags and lapel pin on the left were attached to a gift bag I received on my first visit to The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in North East, PA in August 2008. I use the mug that was in the bag regularly but not in the car.

On the right (but not the corner of the 5081 tab card I use for notes) is a star Sharecropper made for my Christmas tree. A photo of Bishop Maya Pavlova is attached with a Canterbury Cross given to me by our organist/choirmaster when I became Episcopal.

I'm still entertaining ideas for a new blogger name. See below.


Lee M. Davenport said...

I happen to like the one you've already got, although it's not terribly descriptive anymore.

We'll love you just the same no matter what moniker you choose.

You'll still be our beloved Shel.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

If it's any consolation, my truck looks like a homeless person lives in it!

Lee M. Davenport said...

Ditto that. I like for the house to be somewhat orderly, but the ol' Beamer is another thing entirely.

Looks like a bomb went off inside it.

Song in my Heart said...

It was pleasant to see this and read about it.

I don't really have any corners or closets for special things, where I live now, and I think that's one reason it doesn't quite feel like home. When I move in the summer I'm planning to change that.

Cany said...

My car? Ruh Roh. I have a rat living in it that we cannot get out (but trust me, I know he's there), and, well, basically it is a dog car with cats allowed. I have come to call it the ratmobile...

Thank heavens my house looks NOTHING like my car.

forsythia said...

Are you sure you're not a "cradle Episcopalian" after all?