Friday, June 19, 2009

Local ugliness

is definitely NOT Working for a Better Pennsylvania. He is one of the sponsors of Senator Eichelberger's bill to insert bigotry and discrimination into the Pennsylvania Constitution by banning marriage equality.

He doesn't care if partners are not allowed to visit each other in the hospital. He doesn't care that the family of one of the partners can steal everything that is not in other partner's name when their family member dies. He doesn't believe that two people can love each other unless they are opposite sexed. He doesn't believe science. He believes that one class of Pennsylvania residents is somehow less than the rest and not entitled to his representation.

Bob Robbins seems to have bought into prejudice, particularly that preached by those who do not understand the message Jesus taught. I used to think he was a decent guy. Boy, was I wrong!

Senator Robbins should be supporting Senate Bill
935, the Marriage Equality Bill. Please tell him by calling or emailing or writing a good old fashioned letter. His information is on his website.

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Cany said...

Great post! Thanks for the heads-up.