Thursday, June 18, 2009

On a secret committee to study homosexuality

The Episcopal Church bigwigs appointed an 8 person committee to study homosexuality but refused to say who is on the committee. Two participants were revealed in a Nashotah House publication. The others will probably eventually be named. There has been much angst over the entire matter. Secrecy is not the Episcopal way of doing things.

And why study homosexuality again? And again? And again? It is. It has been. It will be. Either we are all Godde's creation and loved or we deny what the Bible says about Godde. Jesus didn't say to pick and choose and exclude some over others. Jesus told his followers to love everyone and leave judgment to Godde.

Most of us are tired of this fight. The best way to study homosexuals is to know someone and learn that the homosexual lifestyle is as normal and boring as everyone else's. The way I confront someone who opposes gay marriage is to ask how someone else's marriage affects theirs. If the idea of gay sex is repulsive, don't do it. If it isn't an option, it is irrelevant in a person's life.

TEC needs to uphold baptismal vows and strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being. GC 2009 needs to get rid of every prejudicial aspect of past decisions. Barack Obama needs to suspend DOMA and DADT immediately and deal with the political fallout later.

Committees are not needed for either. Just, um, cojones.
Perhaps a study of prejudice should be initiated?

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