Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lost turtle

I almost hit this with the mower. She reminded me of Hildy. She is about the same size.

This is what she had to find her way thru to get to my driveway. As I said, I need help. Anyhow she was about 300 feet from water. I didn't see her leave but she did after I put the mower away. She didn't seem to deposit any eggs as the little hole was empty and dry. The mower and the cats probably traumatized her. Turtles have often laid eggs closer to the water. When I mow that area I should probably walk it first. One year I found dozens of turtlettes scurrying toward the water. The neighbor kids were little at the time and were fascinated. For some reason they didn't try to catch any of them.

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forsythia said...

Poor, sweet turtle. Yesterday, coming home in a cloudburst on a busy two-lane road, I saw a turtle at the edge of the pavement. It just wasn't safe to stop and rescue it. I hope it turned around and gave up trying to get to the other side. There was nothing for it on the other side---just a wooded patch and then US Route 1.