Saturday, September 5, 2009

The health insurance debacle

How can so many people be so blindly stupid as to believe everything they hear from talk radio and Fox Opinion regarding universal health insurance? How can so many people be willing to put their ignorance on public display at open meetings in front of cameras? Let alone their disgusting lack of manners or respect. How is it possible to get real honest facts to these people to try to convince them of their blindness?

I understand why many in the business sector of our economy cast a terrified eye on the possibility of competition for the health care dollar. There is money to be lost in reformation of the system or lack thereof. Salaries and bonuses might be frozen or even cut. Lobbyists could lose their jobs and influence. Drugs that sell outside the country for a fraction of the cost to US users might yield smaller profits. Companies that refuse to cover certain individuals and illnesses might have that right curtailed and expenses increased as a result. Investors could see their income drop. That's why those who profit from the health care industry are spending billions to try to protect their empires.

I have great difficulty with willful ignorance. I have too many friends and acquaintances who have experienced the health care systems in other countries and wonder why Americans are so backward and uncaring about each other. As far as I can see and hear, those who oppose universal health care in the US are of two main categories - those who will profit less financially and those who are willfully ignorant about the advantages of it. While I have some sympathy for the former, I pray the others never have to experience the fun of a health crisis with no insurance. (If I didn't pretend to follow Jesus, I'd pray they have a crisis immediately and learn the hard way.)

There is more information and incentive to act at Acts of Hope. Go read and do. And watch the following:

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