Saturday, September 26, 2009

More rainy day cats

When Jellico came around, Little One snuggled with him.
Eventually PuddyTat appeared and watched what I was doing.
I gave her some raw ground beef which she loves. Little One thought he would like a bite. PT hissed and bared her teeth and let him know in no uncertain terms that she doesn't share. She has been like that since she was a kitten and tried to nose Mama away from the food. He waited patiently but only got a couple of bits. I tried to give him some when PT left but she heard the window and returned.


Anonymous said...

You are certainly keeping me entertained with these photos. You would think I didn't have any cats of my own. My four own the place. They just let me live here and supply them with food, shelter and lots of love.

PseudoPiskie said...

Normally my clan has eaten and disappeared for most of the day returning individually to eat. Since Little One has been around, he and Jellico have been hanging around almost all day. Jellico is sick so he spends most of his time sleeping on one or another level of the cathouse. My schedule has been so nuts that I haven't been able to try to get him to a vet. And I'm not sure I can get him into a carrier. I won't be home this week but will try to get him cared for next week. Assuming he is still with us. He does seem to be slowly getting worse unfortunately. And I'm concerned that Little One will catch whatever is bothering Jellico. Little One may have a broken foot but there is no way I can catch him for now. They are not "pets".