Sunday, September 13, 2009

St John's Episcopal Church, Sharon, PA

I attended the installation of a priest today. It was a lovely service. BUT my mind wandered back to the good old days when a bunch of white males stood with their backs to the people and mumbled stuff we weren't supposed to hear or take part in because we couldn't possibly understand or we weren't educated enough or, well, we were laity and they were better than us. And I missed the Sanctus bells. Otherwise it was lovely. And the alb on the left contained a woman, the Canon to the Ordinary. I enjoy attending all the installations and ordinations. I get to see the churches in the diocese that I can't visit on Sundays because of responsibilities at Christ Church. I'm also meeting some interesting people. That's always fun.

The carillon is to die for tho. And he is good at ringing.


sharecropper said...

the carillon at Sewanee is wonderful also. When I was there the woman who played it was almost blind due to albinoism. I enlarged her music photographically so that she could see it (before the days of copy machines or computer). She climbed milllions of stairs and a ladder to get to the tiny keyboard room. What a joy to be there with her and hear the wonderful music. Thanks for bringing back such a great memory.

sharecropper said...

And a lot of "my kids" from that era of my life are headed back soon for their 25th reunion. Hard to believe it's been that long.