Saturday, September 12, 2009

Waiting for the parade

Small towns are funny. This has been Jamestown Fair week. Since the high school is used for the fair, school has been cancelled. Today was the parade. I used to go to the parades. They were funny. Milk trucks and kids on horses. Kids in costumes. Very rural. The last time I saw the parade it was not the same. No milk wagons of course - the local dairy is no more. No horses. The floats are still pulled by tractors tho.

The parade is always at 1 pm. At 10 am this morning the parade route was already lined with blankets and plastic chairs. I came back thru town at 11 and the crowd was already gathering. The parade was at 1, remember? There were a number of people already in their seats with their lunch waiting in the cooler.

When the main street is blocked, there is no other way to go thru town. I live about 2 1/2 miles northeast of town. I went shopping in Meadville which is farther east. By the time I got home, the parade was history. I usually don't go to the fair either. I know perhaps a half dozen people in town. I do use the local drugstore and bank tho.

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