Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday cat blogging

Breakfast time. Tim is the only one who eats here regularly. The others will if all the other dishes are empty.
Tommie eats his canned food first then goes to the dry then explores the places the other cats eat to see what he can finish for them. He is quite portly these days.
PuddyTat got a special treat.
Dudie dislikes it when Little One intrudes on his meals but he has had to get used to it. LO rarely eats unless he can share someone else's meal. He craves the company of other cats. They don't like him however. Poor kitten.
As usual Jellico prowls and waits. He won't eat the separate food I put out for him. He waits for the others to finish then jumps up on the cathouse roof to finish what the others leave. He isn't quite right in his head. And he is getting meaner and meaner with me and with the others. They do not like him at all.

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Padre Mickey said...

Thank Godde the kittehs are up! I didn't think I could take another look at that pig in the tub.

Don't tell the kittehs, but the word verification is dogio.