Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday cat blogging on Saturday

This is the retreat I had built for the cats in the garage. There are two kitty doors but I don't know if either has ever been used. They come and go under the big door I leave up by 8 or so inches. There are plenty of places for a feline to find a burrow - a huge doggie pillow, a couple of towers, the box with the new green blanket and a blanket on cardboard on the floor which Tim was in a couple of days ago. The water dish is heated.

If you think it looks like bloody footprints, you are correct. Dudie still has the growth on one paw which gets bloody occasionally. I hope to catch him and get him to the vet soon. He hasn't been around for a couple of days. Don't know if he found a woman or another place to roost for awhile. Reminder to me - scrub the carrier.
Meanwhile Tim is in the foam in the canoe this morning. I think I will double it over so she can get underneath like she did with the old pad until it deteriorated into bits.

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Anonymous said...

Another outstanding job by the Kitty Care Giver!