Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Uganda situation and more

A Ugandan politician who is a member of The Family has proposed legislation in Uganda which would send LGBT people, those who associate with them, even those who don't turn them in to prison and possibly death. Research has traced the incitement of hatred against LGBTs in Africa to religious and political leaders in the US. Sometimes it is difficult to love and pray for those who seem to have no idea how to read the Gospels. The thought that people who call themselves "Christian" would support any legislation which discriminates against other people who do no harm to society or themselves is repulsive, even unimaginable. If there were the hell so often preached about, the preachers who exclude any of Godde's creation will be the primary occupants. I wish their purpose on earth weren't making life hell for others.

Meanwhile I'm tired of those who condemn "homosexual behavior". It sounds to me like marriage is for sex which results in pregnancy. Men (mostly) keep clamoring about the Biblical injunctions against men lying with a man as with a woman. For them it is all about sex. Does anyone marry for love? They shouldn't be allowed according to these men-who-would-play-God. I wonder if they have sex at every opportunity as that is the only thing they seem to think is a legitimate reason to marriage. For those (mostly) males, homosexuality is all about anal sex. Perhaps they fear it because they might find it enjoyable? Why all the concentration on sex and none on relationships?

If two people love each other enough to want and promise to spend the rest of their lives together, shouldn't they be allowed to do that with all the rights and privileges that legal unions have? Many male-female combinations have no kids in their futures for a variety of reasons yet they aren't subjected to public voting on whether or not they should be allowed to marry.

Sometimes it is difficult to be associated with a "church". Get a clue, haters of the world. Get your minds out of the darkness of the gutter of sexual obsession. Get rid of hell. Learn to love.

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GIMR said...

Thank you for your beautiful (and true) words. Hopefully one day we'll wake up. Hopefully one day soon.