Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ferrellgas charges for not using enough propane

This outfit bought out my bottled gas supplier years ago. I haven't used much propane lately because my oven died a year ago. Today I received a bill for $60.60 apparently for not using their gas fast enough. There is a tank rent fee for 10.60 for a year and a No Usage Fee 1.00 ea of $50. I'm using the gas - just not fast enough for them. Needless to say I called and told them to pick up the tanks. That is insane. I wouldn't mind the tank rental fee but the 50 is ridiculous. AND they will not compensate me for the gas remaining in the tanks. This is not an outfit I care to do business with and neither should you. They said it will take two weeks for them to pick up the tanks. I'll bet they are here today or tomorrow. Fortunately it is easy to change suppliers and I've been contemplating that anyhow. But the toaster oven and the nuker will suffice until that is arranged.


susan s. said...

How about if you use up the gas in the tanks before they get there? Will they charge you for that again?

PseudoPiskie said...

I paid for the gas upfront which is why I expect a refund. Thinking about disconnecting the tanks and emptying them but I probably won't. I'll use the gas as long as the tanks are there.

Jim said...

I'm with Ferrellgas and would like to help mediate. You can send me an e-mail at jimsaladin@ferrellgas.com if you'd like, and I'll put you in touch with someone who can help resolve this situation.

There are legitimate reasons for the low-use fee you received, and the circumstance under which those charges might be included are outlined in the Master Agreement you received when you became a Ferrellgas Customer and on our website as well. That said, as your circumstances have changed, I'd like to speak with your local office and find a resolution.

Thanks you for being a Ferrellgas Customer. I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to win back your confidence.

Anonymous said...

Sounds typical Ferrellgas to me, Shel. They should change the name of the company to Feral Gas, because they've gone wild.

A neighbor here had a house fire -- and FeralGas came and took the tank from him. He OWNED his tank.

He had to get a lawyer to get it back with his gas. And this was in the winter. It took so long for FG to get there act together, that my neighbor and his wife had to buy a wood-burner to heat their house. They had no choice, as space heaters wouldn't cut it, and they have a 3 year old and a new born.

They're in the same camp as you, opinion-wise. Myself, I'm taking the cue from you and my neighbor, I won't do business with them.

And Jim, I'm sorry -- but there is absolutely no legitimate reason other than profit-gouging to charge a fee for slow/no usage. Or to take the owned tank and propane from a family in the midst of winter, only to return it under threat of suit.

Jim, I know you are trying to do a good thing -- and Ferrellgas needs more people with your attitude at higher levels. However, in this market, the customer is still king, and competitors/alternatives abound. Here at my house, a woodburner is high on the shopping list.

Like you, Shel, the toaster oven and microwave are pressed into service here. So are electric frypans. For roasts, turkeys, baking etc., a roaster oven (cheap at Wal-Mart, plentiful at garage and yard sales, secondhand shops) is an excellent alternative to the big oven and doesn't heat up the entire house. For boiling water, or other stovetop applications, those two-burner elements (again, cheap at Wal-Mart) fill the bill nicely.


Juanuchis said...

Totally agree, Shel and John. Fortunately we're serviced by Southern States, and I couldn't be happier.

Cheryle said...

Shel, if it really does take them two weeks to pick up the tanks, be sure they understand that your liability/responsibility ends TODAY! Otherwise they might try to tack on additional charges for not using gas for the additional two weeks.

What a lousy way to do business.

John said...

Shel, I'd like to add one more thing to this. We're supposed to be conserving energy. But Ferrellgas clearly does not care about "being green" or such.

To charge you for NOT using gas is an indirect way of coercing you to use gas. They get you both ways. You pay to use it, you pay not to use it. The only way you can save the slow/no usage fee is to burn off the gas in some fashion, either by cooking, heating, or flaring it off at the tank.

Like Cheryle said, a lousy way to do business.

(formerly StLouisJohn)