Thursday, August 5, 2010

Berkshire Choral Festival again

In case you're wondering, which I seriously doubt anyone is, I'm back at BCF for a week with Anton Armstrong. The week started well. He expects everything I'm used to. Then suddenly he decided he needed to change the order of the altos (and eventually everyone) to get the sound he wanted. I was stuck between two ladies who have two levels of singing. Forte and Fortissimo. And they don't really know the music and one especially can't count. ARGH!

At the third rehearsal I had to remove my hearing aids or I couldn't sing at all because I couldn't figure out which was the correct pitch. At the fourth rehearsal I was so stressed that I could barely sing at all. I was ready to quit. So I caught our section leader after and asked to move. The gal on my right knew I was unhappy and was more than willing to switch. I got the approval I needed with a warning that Armstrong might make me move back.

The fifth rehearsal was so much better. My voice was free and I was happy. I doubt the conductor will interfere. I'm sure he can see on my face that I'm much happier. I'm singing sort of behind rather than next to my favorite 2nd alto because of sight lines. I think she wants it that way. She had never heard and is "jealous" of my opera voice which we are being encouraged to use. I told her I have lots of money invested in that and she could probably get the same results if she took lessons from the right teacher. She's considerably younger than I. She won't.

So onward we go. If we will do what we've been taught, we will have a good concert. I'm less certain of this group than I was the first week however.

The concert is at 8 pm Saturday night (7 August 2010) in the Stewart Center (the new hockey rink with air and no bugs) on the Berkshire School campus in southwest Massachusetts. If you are in the neighborhood, come by. The box office is here or you can get tickets at the door, I believe.

Anton Armstrong, Conductor, St. Olaf College Choir
Mary Wilson, soprano
Dan Dressen, tenor

Poulenc – Gloria
Rutter – Te Deum
BizetTe Deum


susan s. said...

Oh, I know Mary Wilson. She is a great singer. I hope your Friday and Saturday are better!

forsythia said...

I wish I were in the neighborhood. Happy singing.

motheramelia said...

Sounds like fun music to sing.