Friday, August 27, 2010


I pass this house when I go to Cleveland. Someday when there isn't traffic I'll slow down and look at all the stuff. The photo is embiggenable.


sharecropper said...

How fascinating! I'd be stopping and talking or leaving little gifts on the doorstep. Must be a great person who lives there.

PseudoPiskie said...

Looks like they have more than enough "gifts". Not sure there would be room for anything else. I am definitely NOT a person who would stop and talk to the people out of the blue.

forsythia said...

Once I passed a large purple-with-cream-trim Victorian on the way to Meadville. Mom was to have surgery, and I had to be there ASAP. I thought, "Funny, I never noticed this imposing house before." Well, there was a reason for this. I had daydreamed my way onto the exit for Gettysburg, not Breezewood. Route 30 was SO not funny. Up hill and down, up hill and down, behind slow, maddening trucks, until I thought I would SCREAM. I probably did.