Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some political commentary

Wonkette nails the truth about the folks wanting to attend Glenn Beck's tirade. An excerpt: "All the Tea Partiers wanted to do was descend on the Capitol on the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech and pervert the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. in peace; little did they know they’d be stuck having to traverse literally thousands of the city’s African American residents, many of whom’s ancestors didn’t even have the decency to leave DC after being forced to build it, as slaves. Can you even imagine the nerve?"

The Parent Company Trap - I love Jon Stewart. Stupid or evil? Or pitifully uneducated?

Eliminating taxes taken to its extreme. The voters in Modoc County, CA are both stupid and pitifully uneducated. And destined to reap what they sow. Pity the folks who understand government and have to live with these, um, misguided people.

Some believe that the voting machines in Ohio were hacked or manipulated in the Bush elections. Of course that is impossible as proven here.

Truth Out will not appeal to people who watch Faux News. I love it.

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