Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is November?

Shirley and I went walking today. This is a field up at the nature preserve near Linesville. You can't see it in this photo but there is a deer carcass in the field. We could see some birds on the carcass including a huge brown one but we couldn't see them well.
This is a closer view. Sorry I couldn't get a better photo. A lady with a huge telescope appeared and said it was an immature bald eagle and a couple of crows. Shirley had never seen an eagle before. We walked the nature path and found a bunch of people with telescopes watching when we got back. An adult eagle was on the carcass so the first lady let Shirley look thru her scope. There were more than a dozen other eagles, mostly young ones, in trees in the neighborhood. It was very exciting for Shirley. I enjoy seeing the eagles but see them often enough to not get excited.
Then we walked my neighborhood woods. This is the north entrance to our bay.
This is a pond north of our bay.
This is the view from what used to be a party cliff up the lake.
It certainly was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood, especially for mid November.

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