Saturday, January 1, 2011

For 2011

Some of what I'd wish for, pray for, hope for, dream of in 2011.

• Sufficient financial resources to remain a parish
• Father Richard to be with us all year
• The means to put a new roof on Christ Church
• The return of Christ Church people who haven't been seen for ages for one reason or another
• The letting go of old prejudices, hatreds, suspicions and other ill feelings that separate us in the parish
• Fun activities involving both adults and children
• Commitment to reach beyond the eucharist to others' needs

• The success of St Jude's Mission
• Parishes for a whole bunch of friends like Padre Mickey, MadPriest, Lauren and others
• Ordination somewhere for Jack
• Suitable employment for K and another bunch of friends
• Health insurance for E finally

• An end to the Anglican Covenant and perhaps the Anglican Communion if necessary regardless of what it means for TEC
• An end to all the TEC property lawsuits and the return of property stolen by schismatics then the legal and ethical release of said property for proper sale to those who want it
• The end of DADT
• The end of DOMA
• The inclusion of LGBTQs as normal members of society with all the rights and privileges enjoyed by others
• Radical conversion of religionists who can't accept the idea that Jesus taught us to love ALL unconditionally and leave judgment to Godde
• Intellectual growth in tea party people and others who claim to be "conservative" and have no clue what the word means
• The demise of the influence of Fox "News", Rush Limbaugh and similar liars and hate mongers - see above
• A path to full citizenship for children brought here by parents but not born here
• A means of convincing business that it is better to put money in play to provide employment and improve the economy than to give it to executives or allow it to lie fallow
• A miracle that convinces Congress to work for the middle class and those who need a chance to improve their lives
• The restriction of the use of words like fascist, socialist and socialism to those who understand what they mean
• The revelation that the fears that motivate so many people are simply the tools used to control them, that the fears have no basis in reality and that fear and the perpetrators of it can be rejected easily for a happier and healthier life
• The rejection of political campaign funding by organizations of any kind
• A limitation on political campaigning to six months before an election

• Health and a strong ankle for L
• Strength and focus and organization and concentration for the tasks ahead for me

(to be continued)


forsythia said...

Amen and amen.

sharecropper said...

What a wish list! I have wished for many things during the last few months and most of them have been a lot more personal than yours. May you have many blessings and easy snow removal (especially from your dish) for the new year.