Saturday, January 8, 2011

More for 2011

More of what I'd wish for, pray for, hope for, dream of in 2011.

• Fox News would be forced to report factually or remove the word "News" from their name
• The people at Fox News would understand that they are encouraging nuts to do harm to others and halt the hateful rhetoric and bald-faced lies immediately
• Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh would put themselves in the places of those they vilify, realize how much damage they do, repent and begin being constructive
• Gun worshipping nutcases would understand that people without guns are unlikely to shoot others so some sort of control would help everyone
• People who support Palin would grow up and see that she is a disgrace to real Republicans
• Real Republicans would rise up and take the party back

• Every bit of property, regardless of owner or purpose, would pay taxes to support public services such as fire and police protection
• Students and employees would be allowed to fail and learn to deal with reality
• Jerky movements on TV and movies would be eliminated so kids learn to have an attention span of more than 2 seconds

to be continued

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