Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday cat blogging on Monday

The crew at breakfast this morning. Tim ate then demanded scritching. She is the most vocal of the bunch. At the top is Jellico who is eating with Tommie. PuddyTat (orange) is eating with LittleOne. Dudie is barely visible on his own level.
After they ate all retired to one place or another. LittleOne and PT were in the boxes while Jellico decided that the top of the boxes was a good place to do his toilette. I had to put reinforcement up there because he kept collapsing the boxes.
The heating pads are still out - one is barely visible under LO. I keep hoping I can remove them but I had to have the heated water bowls on a couple of days ago when the temperature plunged to 28. Someday our spring will come.


klady said...

Someday. At least there's no snow on the ground. Looks pretty comfy with the heating pads.

whiteycat said...

This is the winter that will not go away. Once again, thanks for taking such good care of these wonderful felines.

motheramelia said...

I was in spring yesterday. The trees were showing the pale green new leaves and the sun was out in Northern Maine, but not in Damariscotta. The trees may be further along here, but I'm tired of rain. Apparently we'l get more all week. For the most part the nights are above freezing, though.