Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why I haven't but need to mow

If you look closely you will see a red cable running across my oil tank and beyond my TV antenna. That is my phone line at the moment. It runs from the phone access around the house across the front and around the barn to a pole up the driveway. Windstream needs to move the pole so this is how they gave me temporary access. It all lay in the grass until today when I really need to mow. I raised it so I don't cut it. I hope they install the pole soon!
This is one reason I really don't want to mow. I LOVE violets and the yard is full of them this year. This is just a small sample. The daffys are mostly gone and need to be dead headed. Someday.
Both photos are embiggenable.


rcritc13 said...

Beautiful. I'm jealous. Looks like you've got a lot of personal space, something I'm lacking in my neighborhood. The kids here give kids a bad name. They defy requests to stay off of my lawn and stop climbing into my backyard. One day, one of them will get hurt and, of course, I will be asked to pay for their medical bills. Parents today are lazy. I despise how so many let TVs raise their kids!

Caminante said...

Like the flag on the pole, too.

PseudoPiskie said...

You mean the one on the antenna?