Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grace on the journey

Kirstin has made the ultimate choice. Her blog entry and all that precedes it at Barefoot and Laughing is well worth reading. Over and over. Especially if facing cancer or dealing with a loved one with it.

Kirstin is my heroine.


Cheryle said...

How brave and beautiful this post is. I've not read Kirsten before today; than you for introducing me. How sad that it comes so late.

She will not be sorry for her decision to choose hospice. They will keep her pain-free and as whole as she can be until she leaves this life.

Even on such short acquaintance, it's obvious her death will leave a hole in many lives. I wish her Godspeed and peace.

forsythia said...

Hospice is a Godsend. We couldn't have handled Mom's last weeks as well as we did without the help of the wonderful nurses and aides from Capital Hospice.

Prayers for Kirsten and Andee.

Crimson Rambler said...

tough, tough reading, but oh the grace of the right question at the right moment -- to be remembered when I think that ANSWERS are what is required of me...