Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My family at Pymatuning all together

Left to right bottom to top: Jellico with his newly regrowing hair, Tommie, LittleOne, PuddyTat, Dudie and Tim.


forsythia said...

Speaking of Jellico--is that the name of a character in the musical, CATS?--I caught a snippet of this musical on the "Ovation" channel the other day. It was enough to prompt me to order "CATS" from Netflix.

We saw a live production in the 70's at the Warner Theater in Washington. Not the best experience--I could make no sense out of the lyrics, being hard-of-hearing. Also, our teen-aged daughter was terribly put out at having to leave town for an afternoon, because--heaven knows--the phone MIGHT ring. If we were to fast-forward 30 years, she'd probably be texting throughout the performance.

PseudoPiskie said...

Jellico got his name from his scruffyness like the one cat in Cats.